Connected Healthcare

Our Connected HealthCare framework for Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for Long-Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC), utilizes IT technology-enabled care.  Replacing visit-based care with connected health provides healthcare access and self-engagement for continuous quality of life improvement.  Our Mobility First framework establishes an application development and governance process from design through release.  Our practical adaption strategies enable rapid deployment, into the complete connected health processes.

This solution focuses on the Connected Health Use Case for auto alert capability to the patient in a temporary assisted living facility.  Our use case scenario integrates alerts to a caregiver in patient distress situations, in real-time as they occur.  For example, when a patient falls, enabling communications to transmit custom alerts and patient condition to the care provider, and thus create a service to support the care givers ability to quickly respond.  Another example, is utilizing social media to connect the patient to the extended community with similar health conditions

Our platform is a rapid mobility application prototyping and development framework.  This technology helps patients and healthcare providers stay connected.
Our value to the customer is ROI cost savings through reduction in hospital visits or co-payment for recurring hospital readmissions.

Our Value to patients is independence and improved quality of life by avoiding health deterioration that lead to moving out of temporary assisted living into expensive nursing care.